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Finley Grace Candles

Finley Grace Candles

Wickless Soy & traditional candles crafted in Galena, IL USA

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It's been 15 years since Bill and Patti Murphy began searching for a way to raise money for their now 18-year-old grand-daughter's trust fund. Finley Grace was born with a rare and incurable genetic deficiency called Cri du Chat syndrome, or 5P minus for short. Their perfect business opportunity turned out to be in the form of a scented Wickless Soy Candle.

Launching the business in 2008, the Murphys began manufacturing the air fresheners in a room on the second floor of their store, At Home in Galena. Nearly 1,500 highly scented Wickless Soy Candles are poured in one day. The small tins of soy wax "super saturated" with fragrance will cover 200 square feet of space and give off a delightful scent for up to 15 weeks. At any given time there are 50-60 different fragrances displayed on the first floor of the store.

The Murphys also sell Finley Grace products through over 500 retail outlets, mostly in the Midwest, and have been able to network and market their products for fundraisers all over the United States with customers who visit their Galena store.

Finley Grace Promotions continues to develop new product lines and great fragrances.

IMG_3911 copy_edited.jpg
IMG_3911 copy_edited.jpg

Vanilla Bourbon is an alluring composition of aged bourbon, warm sandalwood, and savory vanilla. 

Wickless Soy Candle
Nouveau Candle 210ml
Spirit Candle 330ml

  $7.25ea | Pack 12
$13.00ea | Pack  6 
$19.00ea | Pack  6

Vanilla Bourbon, Finley Grace Candles
vanilla bourbon
Top Seller
Handcrafted in Galena, Illinois U.S.A.

Murphy Family Collection 2024

Our highly scented candles are a proprietary blend of soy & beeswax. Hand poured and crafted in the historic town of Galena, Illinois U.S.A. in small batch quantities. Estimated burn time is 50-60 hours of enjoyment. 

spirit candle, soy candle
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